My name is Stephen Brown and I started Stony Mountain Beer in 2016 after a walk along The Hague dunes with some friends. We enjoyed some beers together, relaxed and enjoyed the company and felt that we wanted to capture that moment forever. As we’re not good in catching air – we decided to make beer instead!


The name Stony Mountain originates in South Wales and was the name I used to call Mynydd Machen (Machen Mountain) when I grew up close to there. I chose the name as I love the outdoors almost as much as I love making beer. The smell of the country air during a crisp afternoon walk always feels like it should be followed up by a beer. And, like our walk in the dunes, drinking is always better with friends.



Brewing started in 2016 as a hobby project at home. Many batches, tastings, testing and experimentation later, I decided to start brewing professionally in 2019. As a rental brewer we've brewed in many places in The Netherlands: Brouwerij Jovius, De Koperen Kat and De Noord-Holland Bier Brouwerij are some of the places, but we're hands on as much as the breweries will allow us. The dream would be to open our own brewery and tap room near Den Haag in the near future.


Stony Mountain will develop the Basecamp range of core beers over time, tweaking the recipes as and when needed to improve the flavour of the beers. Alongside these beers I will have some 'experimental' and seasonal beers (Hopped Pilsner Lager, Raspberry Kolsch, Mango IPA are a few in our head) that may or may not stand the test of time and also the Summit collection of barrel aged beers.


If you have any ideas, thoughts, suggestions or questions then don't hesitate to contact us from the menu above.